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In the case of this position in poker, i.e. TUG, small and big blind, it is advisable to play only strong hands say (aces, king and queen, ace-king of the same color ) because this situation is that you have no information on your opponents. With an average game, if you play, you're not immune to adverse stimulus pre-flop or on the flop and at that time in most cases you go and lose your bet.

It is often said that in this position he would agree to play 10% of hands dealt. You should know that most hands do not improve on the flop! Hands in this position are those to the button and two front seats button.

In this case you collect a lot of information on your opponents before playing. A hand that is very average forward position becomes good or very good in the last word, allowing you to see your best bluffs to steal the blinds.


It is to play around a table in a half-circle with players casinos on the outskirts of the circle and the dealer who represents the bank at the center of a half circle. This is at the same time the birth of Las Vegas. Blackjack was not then known, and it will take some time and some strategies to make this game popular.

It is also one of these strategies in the form of bonuses offered to players who give the name of blackjack. For example if you bet $ 200 on the bench and win it, get $ 190 ($ 200 - $ 10 commission). It is always a 95% return on your bet, which is not bad.


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