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All platforms make online games available in "for fun" i.e. without betting real money which is especially important for less experienced players who can start to become familiar with the game of dice before you start betting. The payout online casino is always higher than that of land casino and the game of dice is one of those best suited to the utility through these platforms.

Craps is a dice game that comes from the United States and is particularly popular overseas. It is found much less in French casinos. The game of online craps has been widely popularized by the various James Bond.  The complexity of craps has put its different and the course of the game after the first shot.

Pass bets, do not pass, come bet, and so on. It all depends on how many points the player will roll. We will discuss strategies for craps (which is to learn how to roll the dice, the dice setting), some of which are on the verge of cheating (egg sliding the dice). With the Internet, many players have discovered through the game of craps online casinos.

Craps online is very similar to craps you can find in a real casino. When you play craps online, what is fundamental is that everything in this game starts with two identical dice. Each dice used in craps online craps or any other type, has six faces on which you find values between one and six, with a total value of "key" in September of this figure serves as a benchmark that you will do during a game.

Each number on the side of a die, added to the figure of the opposite side of the dice is equal to seven, for example, the number one will face the figure six, the two will be his opposite number at five and three be opposed to number four. There are many other types of bets, such as being called "Horn", housing "Hard way" bets "Any craps" bets "Field" bets "Lay" and others. These bets are worth all the trouble to be known and the game remains a game of craps really interesting to practice.


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