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In Blackjack uses 6 decks for distribution, this information can help those who are counting cards have fallen. There is such a thing as insurance. It is very important and we recommend to use it, because it really increases your chances of winning. That's what it means. When the player and the dealer are dealt two cards, one card of the dealer as you already know, will be open.

If this card would be open ace, the player can insure against Black Jack. This is done as follows. If you see that the dealer's up card is an ace, then you will show a button labeled insurance. By pressing it, you put exactly half of the bet is that the dealer will collect blackjack. For example, you put in the main game $ 100, you will hand out maps and you can see that the dealer has an ace.

You press the insurance and put another $ 50 on something that a dealer blackjack. If there really are 21 points, and you're holding less, you lose the basic rate, but win the insurance, that is, return to zero. If you bet on the insurance, but also the dealer and you have Blackjack, the game will turn into the main draw, but the insurance you have won. If the dealer will not Blackjack, you lose the insurance, and the main game goes on. Insurance is paid in the event that the dealer's second card will be 10 points.

Blackjack is indeed easy to play in the theory with strategies that successfully the game must be learned. In addition, a player must be online on the access and use of the Internet can play on the big game of blackjack sent.

A online blackjack casino offers free play and uses the same software as the money play . This allows the player to use blackjack basic strategy in Free Play mode before betting any capital. This is a good way to weed out less than reputable sites , and more . Most online casinos even offer a free welcome match bonus for all new players to your games

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