Multiplayer Blackjack

Blackjack or "twenty-one" is one of the most popular games in casinos cards, but also at parties with friends.

Rules of the game

During a game, especially in the online casinos french , several sets of cards are used so that players can not count cards. The objective of the game is to reach a total of 21 points or trying to get close. However, if you happen to go beyond this point, you immediately lose all your bets. Points are counted according to a pre-established standard, specifying that are worth 10 points and the Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, to choose from. Other cards count as their nominal values. A hand consisting of an Ace and a figure form a blackjack. It is e note that all players are opposed to the dealer, who represents the casino.

Variants of the game

Among the variants of Blackjack, Blackjack include Red / Black, Blackjack Madness, Blackjack Spanish Blackjack or Royal Match. But regardless of the variants, they are all governed by a minimum of rules.

Playing the game

Each player, including the dealer receives one card face exposed to start with one that moves the most left of the dealer. Then a second card is dealt, thus beginning the betting. In turn, each player has the right to add as many cards as he wants by saying é é card to the dealer. Basically, the best point total wins and is paid to 1 against 1 for a total of 21 and 3 against 2 for a blackjack.

Additional game options

A player has the right to use an option called é é insurance to preserve a blackjack dealer's potential when the first card is an Ace It can also build a "Double or Nothing" when it considers that a good game and hope to get a 21 in the next round. Finally, a player uses the "Split" to separate a pair of cards. Thus, he gets two games and two separate and independent set.

Multiplayer Blackjack
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