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Here it is difficult to intimidate your opponents by sending your stock chip, so more than  psychology, it is likely prevail. Pot limit hold'em: Hold'em Pot Limit poker is another variant of poker auction limited the amount of bets and raises can not exceed the size of the pot, the pot is the amount in the middle of the table formed bets and raises in previous rounds and ongoing.

Even if we talk about a lot of Texas Hold'em, there are many other poker variations are just as interesting, although less known and widespread. Omaha High Low: The rules of Omaha Hi / Lo are the same as Omaha, but here there can be two winners in each hand, the high hand and the low hand. A low hand is a hand with all cards below 9.

The Stud The Stud poker types are very different from other poker games presented above. These are the types of poker without community cards and know that there are several variants: 7 Card Stud Poker (seven-card stud) or 5 cards (five-card stud), Stud Eight or Better which is a Seven Card Stud played in High / Low and Razz is a seven-card Stud Low mode.

Other variants more marginal: We will not go into detail for each of them, but here are the lists of other existing game type. Closed versions: draw poker (draw) the closed Nullity, Deuce to Seven, Badge. It is possible to play poker in different ways and in different places. Here are some examples. Poker in casinos: It was the opening up of the market in June 2010, the only place where you could officially play money poker.

Casinos offer you to play many variants of poker, and here you can watch the dealer in the eye. This is played mostly great players, fans or just because it is the essence of poker is represented. Face to face with other players can apply methods of psychology, read the reactions on the faces, etc.


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